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Dr. Shravan Kumar

B.P.T (Pt.D.D.U.I.P.H.Delhi University)
N.D.D.Y., D.A.F.E., C.Y.S.
Mobile No. : 09958555187
Email : physio_shravan@yahoo.co.in

Do you have a persistent ache in your neck or you abruptly experiencing soreness and stiffness in your neck? Neck pain is among the most frequent complaints that may be caused by arthritis, poor posture or accidents. This article explains you some tips by which you can prevent neck pain.

Before going through the preventive measures or tips, let me tell you what actually is neck pain.

Neck Pain : It is a musculoskeletal disorder or MSD that also consists of back pain & RSI (Repetitive strain Injury that at present is known as WRULD (Work Relevant Upper Limb Disorder). MSDs are among the main reasons of individuals being off work-sick.

Tips to get rid of neck pain :

Don’t Overuse your Muscles : Do not exercise too long, too powerfully, too quickly, it may engage your muscles in strenuous movement and cause sudden pain. Warm up before executing an exercise regimen and move your neck muscles within the normal range of motion.

Correct Poor Posture : Poor posture is the most common reason for neck pain. Do not be is same position for longer. If you are travelling long distances or at office, take frequent breaks and get up every hour, walking around for several minutes after an interval would help you lessen your neck ache. Sit straight and do not bend over the PC.

You may perform light stretches if you sit in the same position for long hours. Rolling your neck from side to side can check stiffness and promote flexibility & circulation.

Adjust your Desk, Computer & Chair : You should adjust your work desk in such a way that the monitor or TV may remain at eye level. Keep the monitor or TV at good angle to shun twisting your neck. If you watch television from sofa then get a comfy support pillow that will help you keep your neck in a straight form.

Avoid Tucking the Phone : Keep away from this habit of placing the phone between your shoulder and ear while talking. It may make your muscles a bit stiffer that later may cause pain.

Self Massage : You can learn some self massage practices to soothe your muscles. It will alleviate and distress the muscles.

Avoid Weighty Stuffs : Evade carrying heavy loads on one side of your shoulder or body. Always prefer backpacks instead of one-sided bags or shoulder carriers.

Reduce Stress : Stress may also lead to neck pain at some point. Take a deep breath to distress yourself. In severe neck pain condition consult a physiotherapist. Physiotherapists may provide you hands-on treatment like manual therapy & acupuncture. They can advise on suitable work out and pain relief sessions plus tips to get rid of further problems.

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