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Cure the problem of frozen shoulder through physiotherapy

Frozen shoulder is a medical term given for the condition when there is a feeling of pain, stiffness and limited range of movement in your shoulder that might bring about a serious injury. The tissues surrounding the joint get stiff, after that the formation of scar tissue takes place and the shoulder movements become difficult and painful. The condition generally occurs slowly, and then vanishes slowly within a few months or even longer.

What causes this?

Frozen shoulder can develop when you stop making the use of joint normally due to severe pain, injury or some chronic health condition like arthritis and diabetes. Any shoulder problem can drag you towards the condition of frozen shoulder if you do not keep on the proper movement of your shoulder.

How it occurs?

The problem of frozen shoulder takes place after you have under gone some surgery or injury; it takes places generally in the people who are in the age group of 40 to 70 years. Various researches have shown that this health problem occurs in females as compared to males. This problem occurs mostly in the people with chronic diseases.

How it is diagnosed?

Your doctor might diagnose the problem of frozen shoulder if a physical exam discloses the partial shoulder movement. An X-ray might be conducted to check whether the warning signs are because of some other health condition like arthritis or else a broken bone. An arthrogram, which is an X-ray image of your joint taken after a contrast material like a dye or air is infused into it, can lend a hand in confirming the diagnosis.

The right treatment:

Treatment for frozen shoulder generally starts with the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and with the use of heat to the affected area, followed by moderate stretching. The Ice and medicines together with the corticosteroid injections might also be utilized to reduce the terrible feeling of pain and inflammation. And physical therapy can help out in improving your range of physical movement. A frozen shoulder can take a long time to recover. But if the treatment is not doing well then, at times, surgery is done to cut off a few of the tight tissues surrounding the shoulder. This surgery is frequently done with an arthroscope.

Prevention measures: 

This troublesome medical condition can be prevented  with the help of gentle and progressive range of motion exercises, muscular stretching and by making the use of your shoulder more and more might work as a great help in preventing the problem of frozen shoulder.

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