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Physiotherapy Equipments

Physical therapy involves curing of diseases, disorders and disabilities by evaluating, diagnosing and healing the ailments using physical cures. In order to deal with different types of disabilities and ailments, a variety of equipments are used by the physiotherapists, which are called physiotherapy equipments. Most of the machines have become an indispensable part of physiotherapy and are mostly used to accomplish day to day tasks easily as well as painlessly. Our experts at Physio Near You provide both manual & mechanical treatment of diseases.

The physiotherapy equipments help in speedy recovery of the patients. Physiotherapy equipments may consist of exercises machines and other tools according to the ailments. The types of devices and equipments used by physiotherapists are discussed below.

Exercise Equipment:Workout is among the most frequent & extensively known varieties of physiotherapy. In order to heal bone & muscle disorders as well as disabilities, physiotherapists use different types of workout equipments such as pedal exerciser, treadmills, exercise bikes or elliptical trainer. Upper Body Ergometer is other types of exercising tool that looks like stationary bikes. It is mostly used to cure as well as strengthen the upper body, arm and shoulder whereas stationary bikes are primarily used to make the legs stronger.

Mobility Equipments:These are used to enhance strength, mobility, balance as well as co-ordination. Staircase equipment is considered the best mobility device used in physiotherapy. It assists to regain power and mobility of lower body part. Parallel bars are other mobility equipment.

Balance Ball & Chair:It is also counted among the most useful physical-therapy equipments. It helps the patients working out with balance ball; keep their body & spine in proper position. The ergonomically intended chair aids to avert muscle strains while working out with the balance-ball.

Trampoline:The equipments used in physiotherapy also comprise a mini & portable trampoline. The adjustable incline of the equipment is added advantage and can be adjusted according to patient’s requirements. It is beneficial in leg injury and helps in strengthening the leg muscles.

Hot & Cold Therapy Equipments:As you know physiotherapy also embraces hot & cold therapy to alleviate pain caused due to arthritis and inflammation. This therapy is also helpful in improving post-surgical recoveries. Standing well as sitting whirlpools are used to heal as well as strengthen the limbs whereas heating pads are used to alleviate pain.

Cold compressors accessible in the wrap forms aids in reducing the swelling of knees and elbows. Apart from these physiotherapy equipments patients are also given ultrasound and electrotherapy. All these machines are used to help the patients recover fast.

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