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Physiotherapy Exercises Perfect Rehabilitation Program

There has been an old but effective concept that medication is not the only cure to sickness. Together with medicines Physiotherapy Exercises are effective in speedy recovery of a patient. Physiotherapy workouts play a vital role in the recovery of patients with musculoskeletal conditions. Physical activities under the supervision of a physiotherapist are ultimate ways to heal faster. There are a number of physical therapy workouts that the physiotherapist will include in one’s rehabilitation program, often, in conjunction with other healing options.

Types of physical therapy exercises:
Often the type of physical therapy exercises that the patient will execute, depend on the stage of their recovery.

Range of Motion Exercises (ROM): This workout can be performed in the guidance of a physiotherapist. Sometimes patients may have stiffness in their muscle or joint that can obstruct the available range of motion in their joint. In such a case, the physiotherapist may bring a heating modality into play to loosen the stiff tissues prior to stretching to improve their joint range.

Strengthening Exercises: These physical activities are generally performed on weakened muscles of the patients. It may also be performed as part of patient’s general conditioning workout program. Having normal muscle potency may help put a stop to future injury.

When tissues are not moved for a moment due to an injury or immobilization, it is likely to get weaker. Frequently, progressive strengthening physical activities are included in patients’ healing program. The physiotherapists may let patients perform these movements with resistance bands & increase the weight as a patient’s strength progresses.

General Conditioning Exercises: These involve a combination of physical movements together with range of motion, strengthening and walking workouts to help maintain as well as improve:
  • Cardiopulmonary fitness
  • Muscle & joint flexibility
  • Muscle strength.

Balance Exercises: If a patient has issues with balance then physiotherapists may include balance workouts as a part of their rehabilitation program. The important aspects of these exercises are to strengthen the muscles.

Depending upon the particular requirements & level of fitness, the physiotherapist may set up the workout from where the patient is more stable.

Based on you specific problems, needs & goals, you may ask your doctor or physiotherapist about most suitable exercises for you.

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